Fish Oil and Weight Loss – How Does Fish Oil helps to Reduce Weight?



fish oil and weight lossHave you been trying hard to lose those extra pounds; however no matter what you do you are unable to achieve the desired result. The extra bulges become prominent when your body starts to store more fat rather than burning it. In that case, you must fight back to get rid of this type of unwanted fat. There is a strong relation between fish oil and weight loss in terms of boosting weight reduction functions of your body. To understand how fish oil helps in weight loss, it is important that you make yourself familiar with the various factors responsible for gaining weight.


How Does Fish Oil Help With Weight Loss?


It can be said that fish oil can act as an effective aiding factor, if you are looking for a natural source to reduce weight. Fish oil has a fat compound called Omega 3 fatty acid, which contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Now, it may strike in your mind that despite being fatty elements, how these ingredients efficiently work toward weight loss. It is because these ingredients are good fats, which help to fight off all the weight loss opposing factors of your body. However, without a clear understanding about the obesity triggering factors, you will not be able to realize how natural fish oil can help to get rid of the extra fat of your body.


Factors Responsible for Overweight


Our body has a tendency to store fat to survive in unpredictable emergency situations. In case of adverse conditions like unavailability of sufficient foods, body starts to produce energy from that stored fat. Therefore, when you eat more than your body requires, it stores the food as fat in cells. But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Higher insulin level in your body can also appear as a potential hindrance. Remember that human body functions are stimulated by the erection level of few enzymes naturally produced by the body. Any factor, which disrupts the balance of those enzymes, is responsible for disturbing the normal functioning process of your body. Insulin is that factor, which helps to turn food into fat. But, too much insulin in your system is an unfavorable condition, since it activates the enzymes responsible for converting carbohydrate into fat and encouraging body to store that fat rather than burning it down to produce energy.


Fish Oil and Weight Loss – How Does Fish Oil helps to Reduce Weight?


The deep link between fish oil and weight loss can also be understood through the fact that essential fatty acid components of fish oil help to counteract the weight gain procedure of your body. When omega-3 fatty acid is consumed by eating fish or taking natural fish oil supplements, it works effectively to balance the important hormones of your body. It means that fish oil ingredients can help you to find an effective way to reduce the extra weight through following ways:


• Increasing Metabolism


A study, performed by a group of Iceland researchers and published in ”public Health and Nutrition” in 2009, showed that omega 3 fatty acid accelerated the metabolism process of the participants. To be more specific, omega-3 fatty acid helps to increase the level of leptin, a hormone that sends signal to your brain telling to increase calorie burning procedure.


• Suppressing Appetite


The same study also found that omega-3 helped to minimize hunger feeling by controlling the level of ghrelin, an appetite promoting hormone, which is also responsible for slowing body’s metabolism process.


• Regulating Insulin


Few of the medical studies have also showed that the omega-3 fatty acid of fish oil helps to decrease the insulin level in your blood stream. By maintaining the optimum level of insulin, fish oil makes sure that your body stores less and uses maximum amount of fat to produce energy.


How to Increase the effectiveness of Fish Oil by Incorporating Healthy Diet and Exercise.


So, the relation between fish oil and weight loss is now clear. You can also refer sources like


But, that’s not all! If you aim to achieve fast result, you have to include routine exercise and healthy diet in your schedule. A recent study, conducted by University of South Australia and published in the May 2007 issue of ”American Journal and Clinical Nutrition”, showed that the overweight participants lost a significant amount of fat while they were on omega-3 fish oil diet and strict exercise regimen. Increased physical activities help to promote metabolism process. By restricting the consumption of calories and carbohydrates, you actually support fish oil to lower down the amount of fat storage in body cells.

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