6 Essential Oils That You Should Be Using On Your Skin


Did you know that it is very easy to  keep your skin well moisturized?  Have you been applying moisturizer to your skin to keep it smooth and supple?  Be careful what you put on your skin as the majority of skin care products on the market today are made from unnatural ingredients and harsh chemicals. If you use these products, they can cause harm to your skin. You will not only look worse, but age quicker as well. However, there are simple ways of alleviating the problems of dry skin. Natural essential oils for dry skin are what you need to make it appear normal and moist. Presented below are 5 oils that will improve your skin if you are able to get them natural or find them in skin care products that are easily available.

Avocado Oil: This essential oil contains chlorophyll, potassium, lecithin, plus vitamins A and D. Lecithin is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in foods like soybeans. Apart from working on the internal organs of the body, antioxidants also work on the skin. They fight free radicals which accelerate the aging process. Chlorophyll, vitamins A and D are believed to help counteract the effect of free radicals which cause damage to the cells of the body. The therapeutic properties of these components make avocado essential oil extremely soothing to eczema and rashes. It is an excellent oil for irritated, dry or sensitive skin.



Macadamia Nut Oil: Macadamia oil has a pleasant nutty smell. It contains high amounts of beneficial fatty acids and it is easily absorbed into the body. It has regenerative properties which can make your skin shine and glow. This essential oil is excellent for keeping the skin looking healthy and young.




Jojoba Oil: Native Americans have been using this oil for centuries to treat skin ailments. It is highly effective in softening and moisturizing the skin. Additionally, it can be used to heal old scars, reduce stretch marks and wrinkles. It is beneficial in dealing with acne plus skin ailments for example psoriasis.


Scientific investigations have indicated that jojoba essential oil has a twofold moisturizing effect. It first creates a layer which prevents loss of water via the skin, and then the skin absorbs it rapidly, thus making it soft as well as preventing dry skin.  Your skin will look young and healthy using this essential oil.



Grape seed oil: Grape seed is extracted from viniefera grape. Nearly all wines are made from this grape. It is a rich source of beta carotene, vitamins D, C, and E. it contains high amounts of beneficial fatty acids which help to repair damaged skin, moisturize dry skin and reduce wrinkles. You can keep your skin looking healthy and moist with the aid of grape seed essential oil.






Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil is a rich source of linoleic fatty acid, which plays a vital role with regards to cell regeneration plus skin repair. Also, rosehip oil contains retinoic acid which helps to improve the appearance of dry skin over time.





Lavender Oil: This essential oil has antiseptic, antifungal plus antibacterial properties which are beneficial in relieving pain, treating skin diseases and wounds. Lavender essential oil helps to balance the amount of oil that the skin produces. It is effective in evening skin tone and clearing blemishes. It has been shown that lavender essential oil helps to hydrate dry skin.




Ensure that you make use of these essential oils for dry skin on a daily basis. If dry skin is not maintained constantly, it will go back to its former state and will look old and wrinkled, that is something I am sure you do not want to experience.

Make it easy on yourself and find all these essential oils in a natural line of skin care products.  Do you truly want to keep your skin glowing and smooth?  Follow me to Xtend Life website and you will see what I am talking about.  They have been working great for me and I know they will work for you.

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