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Welcome to my website!   My name is Ingrid Palmer, I believe that everyone should strive to lead a healthy life.  Having healthy body, mind and skin is something we can all achieve if we know what to do and which products to use.


I use the Xtend-Life products daily. I research new, breaking developments on the uses and benefits of these products and present those findings here for your benefit.


As I got into my late forties I realized that I needed to do everything that was necessary to keep looking good.  I had been researching skin care for many years and tried numerous products, however, most of the times I was left disappointed as these products did not deliver on their promises.  I was partly to be blamed too as I was attracted to big brand name products and was not focusing my attention on the ingredients in them.


After I discovered the Xtend-Life skin care line of products and began researching their ingredients I realized that they were made from all natural substances which you will discover for your self after using them.


Due to the loss of collagen in the skin as we age it is imperative to replenish this essential protein as naturally as possible, this is where the ingredient Xtend TK has proven to be absolutely priceless in keeping my skin toned and smooth.


I can say for sure that looking in the mirror is not so frightening as it used to be.  Just follow the directions and use the products each and every day.  That is what I did and I must thank Xtend-Life for manufacturing these awesome products with all their consumers in mind.


No harsh chemicals only good stuff.  And the best thing is they come with 100 % satisfaction guaranteed and a 60 day return policy which in my opinion is not needed.  These products work, hands down without a doubt.


along with their skin care line of products, Xtend-Life manufacturers some of the best natural supplements available on the market today.  Their Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement complements their skin care products, as I have taken them and have seen drastic improvement in my appearance as well in my overall well being.  I feel great knowing that I look good.


I aim to provide you with fresh information as they become available to me on all matters related to the Xtend-life range of products. Please take a moment to view the disclaimer. It’s important to note I am not a medical doctor and you should speak with your doctor before beginning the use of any supplement. However, I would also like to point out that many doctors are not well versed in nutritional matters and, therefore, I believe speaking with a naturopathic doctor is your best choice should you have any preexisting health conditions.