Can Fish Oil Really Keep Your Brain Healthy?



fish oil for brain healthAre you concerned with preserving your mental acuity as you age?  Taking  steps to keep your brain healthy before any issues develop, is by far the smartest approach.  Natural measures take longer to have an effect, yet they can be powerful tools in your fight to maintain your memory and
cognitive abilities!  After all, vitamins and supplements provide the building blocks necessary for your mind to function at optimal levels, unlike drugs or medicine.  However, while you may be ready to start taking fish oil for brain health for this reason, you may be uncertain where to begin.
Fortunately, fish oil is the obvious choice, as much research points to this being the best compound in this regard.  So, to help you discover its many benefits, let’s cover this topic in more depth below.


Why Fish Oil?


Fish oil is high in beneficial fats, and these have a variety of healthy  effects in your body.  They have long been known to reduce inflammation, which can help to ease your joint pain.  Yet, inflammation  doesn’t just damage your joints – it negatively impacts your brain as well.  In fact, having high levels of chronic inflammation is a reliable  predictor of aging!  What does this mean?  Simply put, the lower your levels, the healthier (and longer) you are likely to live.


How does this apply to your brain?  Fish oil contains omega-3 essential fatty acids, which have even been termed “brain food” by experts familiar with this topic.  These help to keep your brain healthy, even as you grow older.  The most important of these omega-3’s are DHA and EPA, which are long chain essential fatty acids.  In contrast to the omega-3 fatty acids found in plants, these are much more effective.


What Can They Provide?


Both DHA and EPA have been shown in multiple studies to protect your cognitive abilities from deterioration and damage.  For example, a study  on elderly Norwegians found that people who ate fish regularly, scored better on cognitive tests.  Other research demonstrated that consuming  at least some fish every week, led to a much lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.  What contributed to these results?  Fish is a rich  source of DHA and EPA, and the oil form is more concentrated, so it could be even more beneficial.  In fact, it is believed that higher potency products are more effective, as they provide a larger dose of DHA and EPA with every serving.




Getting enough DHA and EPA from your diet can be a challenge, especially  if you don’t enjoy the taste of fish.  In addition, there is some concern about the mercury content in fish today, which can be harmful to  your body’s systems.  Fortunately, there is a solution to both of these  issues!  Xtend-Life Fish oil is easy to take, it has no unpleasant flavor and it is filtered for purity.  Thus, it may be the best option, when trying to  keep your brain healthy.  For all of these reasons, you may want to add  high potency fish oil to your supplement list, to ensure that your brain works well for years to come!


It is clear to see that keeping a healthy brain can certainly be accomplished by taking the right dosage of omega 3 fish oil daily.  Not only will it benefit your brain, but your overall health and well being will benefit too.  How to tell which fish oil supplement is right for you?  Visit Xtend-Life to see which one I highly recommend.

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