Can Fish Oil Slow The Effects Of Alzheimer’s Disease?



A lot of people both in the medical profession and regular people are now becoming aware of fish oil for alzheimer’s.  Fish oil has been found to slow down Alzheimer’s disease, according to recent studies, say US experts. It was noticed that elderly people who were put on diets containing high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids could actually benefit and keep their brain sharp and alert besides showing an improved memory.


What is Alzheimer’s?


Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia in which the affected individual has a progressive loss of memory with a steady decrease in thinking capability or intellectual reasoning. The cognitive functions, too, get slowly reduced and the person has little or no control over his or her actions.


Alzheimer’s is an irreversible condition that worsens as days go by. It begins with a gradual forgetfulness of day to day activities that is sometimes thought of as old age dementia. However, the condition worsens and the person begins to have cognitive difficulties and a significant loss of mental functioning. An Alzheimer’s affected patient needs constant care and attention as he or she is incapable of doing anything right. It takes many years before the disease progresses to a critical stage and finally death.


The common signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s are:


• Loss of Memory

• Cognitive Dysfunction

• Mental Disarray

• Loss of Control over Involuntary Movements

• Disco-ordinate thought Processes

• Progressive Dementia


Fish oil for Alzheimer’s



Recent studies have indicated that fish oil helps in prevention of brain shrinkage. Fish oil also contributes in maintaining the cognitive functioning of the brain. Fish oil keeps a larger brain area that otherwise gets shrunk in Alzheimer’s.  Fish oil promotes better  levels of brain activity and sharpness in thought processes. The hippocampus area of the brain is most benefitted by regular intake of fish oil.


Brain Boosters in Fish Oil


An individual having fish oil regularly showed considerable amount of brain boosting as compared to non eaters of fish. If consumed regularly after the age of fifty, fish oil can actually keep Alzheimer’s at bay and keep you alert even in your eighties.  Fish oil is  instrumental in keeping you mentally alert and has an improved memory. Fish oil contains a wonder chemical known as DHA that is the key factor to an alert brain.


The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil have been found to be extremely beneficial not only to the overall health of a person, but also for the clear thinking processes and alertness. The most important one is docosa hexaeneoic acid or DHA. Regular intake of this wonder acid as early as 55 has proven to prevent Alzheimer’s in a major way. The DHA supplement prevents memory loss and shrinkage of the brain, which in turn helps in preventing Alzheimer’s. The DHA also prevents cell damage that is commonly associated with old age.


Since there has been no cure found for Alzheimer’s disease, it is only wise to try and prevent it with a sufficient dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. This can eventually delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and even make a significant impact on the gene responsible for Alzheimer’s. Patients with Alzheimer’s have very low levels of DHA. This points to the fact that an increase in DHA levels in the brain may counter Alzheimer’s in a definite way.


The human brain has been found to quickly absorb DHA, showing improved moods, quick reactions, alert temperament and good memory. Fish oil can be taken as supplements or consumed as fish in regular diets, Fish such as herrings, sardines, halibut, salmon and mackerel are rich in fish oil. Fish consumed once a week is sufficient to provide the required amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. DHA is also good for the overall health of an individual and keeps you fit and healthy.


Which Fish Are High In Omega 3:


The bet fish high in omega 3 fatty acids are:  sardines, smelt, shad, salmon anchovies.  They are more beneficial when done on a grill or baked in the over as this preserves the maximum levels of omega3 which will help to reduce inflammation, heighten the amount of blood flowing to the brain and lower the buildup of plaques which are harmful which precedes the onset of Alzheimer’s.   You should also be careful of the type of fish you eat which has higher levels of mercury.  Eat fish that are caught in pristine, cold waters off the coast of New Zealand.


If you do not enjoy eating fish then you should look for a Fish Oil Supplement which has been made using fresh pure fish and will offer you the benefits of providing you with the highaest levels of DHA and EPA Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  The one brand I take and recommend is the Xtend Life Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement.  It is manufactured using a process to remove contaminants such as PCB and mercury.


Final Thoughts


Alzheimer’s is a dreaded disease of old age. Since no definite cure has been found for Alzheimer’s, supplements such as fish oil can be consumed to prevent getting afflicted by it. fish oil for alzheimer’s has been found to have a definite impact in preserving brain cells and brain areas that are needed for proper functioning of daily activities. If you decide on a diet rich in fish oil, you will get sufficient amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that are responsible in keeping thought processes clear and sharp. Fish oil can thus prevent Alzheimer’s in the elderly and keep the healthy and mentally fit for a very long time.

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