Can Omega 3 Fish Oil Help To Cure Eczema?




If you have eczema, there are several treatment options; one of these is omega 3 eczema treatment, in order to help improve the skin condition. Eczema is a skin condition in which red, itchy, dry, and cracked skin, are all major implications of; the use of emollients can help in soothing the dry skin, and alleviating the appearance of the skin. If you have a more severe case, you may have to turn to topical medication specifically geared at treating the ailment. Studies have shown that the fatty acids found in omega 3 fish oils, may be used as a treatment method for eczema, to help alleviate the red appearance, and cracked skin.


The Properties –

There are two types of omega 3 fatty acids (docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acid). Both of these acids have anti inflammatory effects, which is one of the major components required in the topical treatments, when you are trying to treat eczema.


Many studies have shown that individuals who do have eczema, and use fish oil (or other supplements with omega 3 acids), experience far fewer symptoms which are associated with the skin condition than those whose diet does not include the fatty acid in their diets.


Regular intake of fish oil or otherwise consuming foods that are high in omega 3 (nuts, salmon, mackerel, and other forms of fish), helps to minimize the appearance and the severity of scars on the body. The fatty acids work to help the inflammatory symptoms that are associated with eczema, and after a period of continual use, you will notice that the scars tend to fade away, and the appearance of dry and cracked skin, is not as common as in individuals who do not use this as a natural form of treatment.


Although there are generally no risks in consuming fish oil, or fish oil, as with any other food or supplement, the intake does have to be monitored. When using omega 3 eczema cure to help treat the skin, you should consume around 1200 mg daily. This is easier to monitor with ingesting pills, but you can also consume foods that are high in the omega 3 acids, in order to get in the required dosage per day.


Although there is no true cure for eczema, using the fish oil, in conjunction with a healthy diet, and paying attention to you immune system and health, are things that will help alleviate and lessen the symptoms that you experience if you do have the condition. Omega 3 fatty acids are not only healthy for the body, and provide the essential fats that the body needs, they are also a natural oil that can help in treating this, as well as other skin conditions. Working as a natural emollient, helping to provide a “wet layer” to the skin, and working as somewhat of a topical ointment for the skin, omega 3 is essential in treating the condition. There have been a number of studies that show it helps, and research suggests the healthy oils are a natural treatment method for this skin condition.

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