Kiwi Klenz – The Key to A Healthy Digestive System


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Digestion is a complex process that breaks down the food we eat. The digestive system absorbs the nutrients from the digested food into the blood so that it can be used for metabolism. The digestive system handles solid material which is constantly moving through it. Any disruption in its operation can cause a lot of discomfort and drop in energy levels besides causing many other apparently unrelated problems. Good digestive health is important for our overall health.


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Unfortunately, this is one body system that many of us neglect. If you are like most people you are likely to pay attention to it only when there is obvious discomfort. The type of food that we eat these days hasn’t helped either. We consume more processed food rich in sugar, fat and deficient in fiber. The result is that many of us feel fatigued, bloated and irritable. You may attribute these problems to aging, but the trouble lies elsewhere.

Frequent tummy troubles be it constipation, diarrhea, gas or heartburn are indicative of a digestive system that is in poor health. Over time these problems create other issues like acne, skin problems, weakness and allergies to name a few. A digestive system that is out of tune will not be able to absorb nutrients from food, or medicines properly. So how can you expect supplements to help you when they are not even absorbed properly in the first place?

Prebiotics versus Probiotics, important differences that you should know:

Other than fruit salts, the solution that most of us believe in for tummy troubles are soothing foods such as yogurts. They belong to a class of foods called probiotics. The cause for most intestinal problems is attributed to the disruption in the balance of intestinal bacteria. Probiotic foods are thought to be beneficial because they boost good intestinal bacteria. In fact many of us consider that yogurt is the magic food that keeps the digestive system in balance.

Recent studies have shown that the magic remedy is actually prebiotics and not probiotics. Probiotics are formed when food is fermented. Prebiotcs on the other hand occur naturally. There is no real evidence for many of the health benefits attributed to probiotics.

Prebiotics are the key to keeping your digestive system in peak condition and they keep the bacteria balance in the digestive tract at optimal levels. They allow good bacteria to grow while keeping the numbers of bad bacteria low. They also help your system assimilate nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They have a positive impact on your heart and also reduce the incidence of allergies. Their impact is quick and visible.


The goodness of kiwi and how it promotes digestive health:

One food that is rich in prebiotics is the good old kiwi fruit. Its secret is in chemicals called phenolics that it contains. Most of the phenolic content is in the skin of the kiwi which sadly, we discard. The pulp also contains enzymes which help us digest protein. Regular consumption of Kiwi fruit will improve the health and functioning of your digestive system. To really get enough phenolics, you have to eat around 4 kiwi fruits every day, skin and all. Now if that sounds like torture, don’t worry. There is an easy way out. Yes, that is where Kiwi-Klenz comes in.

Kiwi-Klenz – The benefits of kiwi in one convenient package:

Kiwi-Klenz comes from carefully picked kiwi fruits and is made from the skin and pulp of the fruit. These kiwis are carefully selected and are richer in nutrients than those found in supermarkets. The kiwis that you get in supermarkets are not really fresh. They have a limited shelf life and the chemicals used to keep them fresh and help them ripen reduce their phenolic content.

Kiwi-Klenz is more cost effective and easier to consume regularly than eating kiwi fruit. It will get your digestive system back in shape quickly and give you all the benefits of a well balanced digestive system. Get good digestive health by regular intake of prebiotics and let Xtend Life Kiwi-Klenz do the job for you.

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