Do You Really Need An Anti Wrinkle Cream?

wrinkle cream picMy readers sometimes ask me if they implement and practice good skin care regimen if they still need a wrinkle cream. The answer is yes. Read on to find out why.

Do You Really Need A Wrinkle Cream?

No matter what steps are taken to fight aging, whether it is with diet, sunscreen or medical treatments such as Botox or even face lifts, a wrinkle cream is still a necessity.

Why? Because wrinkle creams are a non invasive way to heal external existing skin damage and they help prevent future wrinkles.  A Wrinkle Cream will provide your skin with collagen and elastin ingredients that will work on the outside to keep your skin looking younger accompanied with a healthy diet, exercise and any other treatments you choose to use.

Sunscreen Is Not Enough

 Do you have sun damage skin that needs to be treated before it creases your face like crumpled paper making you look much older than you are?. Most of us have already sustained photo damage to our skin that will emerge in the form of future discoloration and wrinkles ¦unless we use a wrinkle cream to repair the damage.  Using a wrinkle cream which will protect your skin from UV damage is the solution to having smooth skin free from age spots and other blemishes.

In addition, the majority of sun damage is done to our skin by the time we are 20 and how many of us were using sunscreen religiously as kids? Anyone? Fortunately, a top quality wrinkle cream such as Xtend Life Age Defense Active Day Cream combined with a natural sunscreen that does filter out UVA rays will help with any damage.

 Nutrition Cannot Do It Alone

While nutrition plays an important role of keeping your skin young and healthy, it only accounts for 30% of how your skin looks as you age. The other 70% is due to how much photo damage we sustain from the sun.  Sun damage skin tends to look twice as old.  You can protect your skin too by drinking lots of water, wearing a wide rim hat, and using a natural skin blemish remover which contains natural skin lightening ingredients that will not only clear up the spots but also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

 Botox Is Temporary

For many, medical treatments sound like a great idea. After all, half of Hollywood can no longer raise their eyebrows thanks to the miracle of Botox, but surveys have shown only 47% of women are happy with their Botox treatments.  Why use Botox when there are natural skin care alternatives that are less expensive and less painful.

Wrinkle Creams Work

A natural Wrinkle cream containing collagen and elastin building ingredients is the best option for long term wrinkle prevention, especially when combined with proper nutrition, adequate hydration, exercise and an effective sunscreen.  The key is to find one with proven ingredients, which is what we have done for you.

Yes, you really do need a wrinkle cream!

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