Fish Oil For Kids

fish oil for kids

Keep Them Active and Alert!!

Almost everyone is familiar with the benefits of Omega3 fish oil for adults: it helps lower cholesterol, can relieve symptoms of depression and improves heart health. This fish oil offers many benefits for kids as well, though. Not only have parents and doctors seen improvement in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but fish oil for kids may also help with brain function, relieve symptoms of asthma and improve vision.

What is Omega3 Fish Oil?

Omega3 fish oil comes from the fatty tissue of freshwater fish such as mackerel, salmon, halibut and tuna. It is not an oil your body produces naturally; it must come from food sources or fish oil supplements. The human brain is 60 percent fat, and the most abundant is DHA. This is the most essential fats kids need to learn, and just so happens to be one of the two fatty acids found in Omega3 fish oil.

Omega3 Fish Oil Deficiency

Children with ADHD have low levels of DHA and EPA, the other essential fatty acid found in Omega3 fish oil. One hundred boys with ADHD participated in a clinical study, all of whom had low levels of this fish oil, and all of whom had learning and behavioral problems. Boys with normal levels of Omega3 fish oil, all with ADHD as well, did not experience the same problems.

Asthma attacks, reading disabilities and allergies are all possible effects of an Omega3 fish oil deficiency in children. Keep in mind that children and adults alike do not consume enough of this fish oil, either through diet or supplementation.

Fish Oil for ADHD

The use of fish oil versus traditional treatment for ADHD is quite controversial, however, numerous parents and doctors alike agree that Omega3 fish oil is both safer and more effective for this condition rather than drugs such as Ritalin and Cincerta. These drugs result in many unpleasant side effects whereas fish oil does not. The naturally occurring compound in fish oil not only fights heart disease, but increases intelligence and concentration in hyperactive children, according to a study conducted by Durham Local Education Authority. Children in this study had a dramatic improvement in their behavior within three months, and at the end of seven months, were much less restless and had a marked improvement in their school work. The difference? Omega3 fish oil.

Fish Oil for Asthma

Omega3 fish oil has the ability to fight–and prevent–inflammation in the brain and nervous system. Because of this, the body responds less severely to illness and disease, and children with asthma have fewer asthma attacks. Their complications with allergies are also greatly reduced. Again, people are not getting enough of this essential fish oil, and many doctors are recommending the use of a supplement in children with asthma.

Fish Oil For Brain Function

Children who receive adequate amounts of Omega3 fish oil have improved brain function which includes an improvement in their ability to read and spell, enhanced memory, a higher IQ and improvement in dyslexia. You should not wait until your child has one or more of these problems, though. Pregnant mothers who receive adequate amounts of Omega3 fish oil passes this on to their unborn baby. Dr. Russell L. Blaylock states that recent studies show that fetuses receiving this fish oil in utero have higher IQs, are less prone to vision problems and have higher functioning brains. The benefits increase if you breast feed your baby and receive the right amount of this essential fatty acid.

Fish Oil Dosage

It is highly unlikely that your child will scarf down a piece of mackerel or salmon. In fact, doctors do not recommend freshwater fish for children because of the dangers it poses (e.g. mercury, contaminants). Instead, you should give your child the supplement form, however, you must ask your pediatrician what dose is safe for your child.  You should also ensure you give your child the freshest and purest fish oil supplement that is free of toxins and contaminants.

Do not deprive yourself or your child of this essential fish oil or the benefits it has to offer. There are many things in life you cannot control. Take advantage of the few things you can, especially when it is the health of your child.

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