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Researchers have discovered a wide range of fish oil benefits – and it looks like there is more waiting to be uncovered. Our bodies need this  oil for its health benefits, but cannot produce it naturally. Omega-3 fatty acids, the key ingredient in fish oil, are therefore obtained  through either diet or supplements. Here are the top 10 well-documented benefits of fish oil.

Protects against Heart Attack and stroke

Fish oil provides several benefits for the cardiovascular system. By  lowering the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as  reducing high blood pressure, it effectively works to eliminate the risk  factors associated with heart attacks and stroke. Two other risk  factors are hardening of the arteries and abnormal heartbeat rhythms;  fish oil corrects these to ensure good overall cardiovascular health.

Does Fish Helps With Depression?

fish oil depression

Fish oil has been studied for many years as a potential natural  anti-depressant. What scientists found were interesting results, with  statistics showing that people in countries where fish is consumed as  the staple food have lower national rates of depression. The presence of  Omega-3 fatty acids in the body improves the transportation or  Serotonin, an anti-depressant that the body naturally produces. Omega-3  also reduces mood swings.


inflammationReducing Inflammation and Arthritis

Taking dietary fish or pure fish oil supplements works well to relieve  inflammation in the body. Inflammation takes several forms, including  psoriasis, thyroid inflammation and lupus. With anti-inflammatory  properties, omega-3 helps to eliminate joint pain – rheumatoid arthritis  and osteoarthritis are both painful joint pain conditions that  researchers have found could be relieved with fish oil. Taking pure and  natural supplements on a regular basis has been shown to reduce joint  tenderness and morning stiffness.


Does Fish Oil Promotes Weight Loss?


fish oil and weight lossOmega-3 fatty acids are instrumental in suppressing hunger signals that  prompt people to eat more. Not only that, it also improves the burning  of calories in weight loss exercises. Researchers investigated the  weight loss ability of volunteers who had been given fish oil in  combination with exercise, and found that compared to those who did not  use fish oil, they experienced greater weight loss as a result of  enhanced metabolism.  Fish oil for weight loss can help you lose weight faster while still remaining healthy.


xtenf life fish oil for focusPromotes Better Focus

Some children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD). Studies by Massachusetts Doctors from the Hallowell Centre found  that kids with ADHD symptoms had lower omega-3 levels in their blood  than those who did not exhibit these symptoms.



breast cancerLowers Risk of Cancer

There are still not enough research findings on the abilities of  omega-3s in cancer prevention, but it is generally accepted that they do  lower the risk of prostrate, ovarian and breast cancers. Regular intake  of this oil, as studies suggest, helps slow breast tumor growth and the  progression of colon cancer as well. Women should also have their annual mammogram done to ensure they are not at risk for breast cancer.


Fish Oil Does Benefits Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Children


fish oil and pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised to take sufficient omega-3 fatty acidsupplements (or diets) for both their sake and the unborn baby’s. For the mother, fish oil not just reduces the risk of breast cancer, but also pre-term labor and preeclampsia. It is worth noting that more than two-thirds of the baby’s brain, nervous system and retina are composed of omega-3 fats, DHA and EPA. This clearly means that the baby needs adequate supply of omega-3 (through the mother) to develop a healthy brain, retina for proper eyesight and a good nervous system. Studies have proved that infants who get enough of this are likely to have higher IQs, with fewer developmental disabilities like mental retardation.


Improves Mental Health

xtend life fish oil for mental healthThere are also mental benefits of fish oil to adults. Omega-3s, mainly  DHA, are in high concentrations in the brain and are crucial for memory  retention and overall brain performance. Alzheimer’s is a cause for  dementia and memory loss; high DHA levels produce protein LR11 which  helps to prevent its occurrence.


xtend life fish oil for eye health

Promotes Eye Health and Vision

Higher Omega-3 levels in the blood reduce one’s risk of developing  Dry-Eye syndrome. Perhaps even more significantly, Omega-3s play a huge  role in significantly slowing down macular degeneration, which is a  natural occurrence related to aging. DHA accounts for about 60% of the  retina fatty acids, and is affected during macular degeneration. This  may lead to blindness among the elderly. Omega-3s help improve the  strength of blood vessels in the eye and promote healthy blood  circulation.


xtend life fish oil anti agingAnti-Aging Benefits

Other than preventing muscular degeneration, omega-3 fatty acids are  known to increase the lifespan of cells. This is through prevention of  chromosomal damage that results from shortening of protective caps on  the chromosomes. This would ultimately damage the DNA and put an end to  further dividing of the cells. Fish oil slows the entire process down,  and the result can be seen through having a healthier skin.

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