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fish oil for skin

Fish Oil is Great for beautiful skin




Everyone ages, this is just something you have no control over. You pass through your 20s and you love what you see in the mirror; beautiful skin without one mark or wrinkle. As you enter your 30’s you may notice a laugh line or two. You are hardly laughing, though. By the time you enter your 40’s, some crows feet appear. This is it, you say. Is it time for botox? Ha, you can’t afford this. Well let me tell you what you can afford fish oil for skin. Taking a top quality fish oil such as Xtend Life can reverse these signs of aging and remove 20 years from your skin.




Before we get into the benefits of Omega3/DHA Fish Oil, you need to understand what it protects you from and why you need to make it a part of your life. It reverses the effects of photo-aging, which is premature aging of your skin due to consistent exposure to the UV lights of the sun or tanning beds/booths. Signs include wrinkling around your eyes and mouth, spider veins on your face and neck, losing skin tone in areas most frequently exposed and taut lips.




Now that you know about the dangers of photo-aging, you need to understand the most common solution people choose; the solution people use to protect themselves from laugh lines and crow’s feet–sunscreen. How many times have you heard or been warned to apply sunscreen to yourself or your children if you plan on being exposed to the sun? How many times have you been told to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15? Well let me enlighten you a bit about sunscreens. Did anyone tell you, while making all these recommendations, about the dangerous chemicals sunscreens contain? Oxybenzone causes cell damage, disrupts hormones and can cause allergies. Pregnant mothers who use it tend to give birth to low weight babies. And while the sunscreen is “protecting” you from the sun, it is causing a vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin D


Vitamin D is absolutely essential for strong bones, increasing mineral density and absorbing calcium. In adults it can protect against cancer, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. In children it protects against Rickets and decreases the risk of bone fractures, which is on the rise due to sunscreen. Ironically, the sunscreen manufacturers are aware of all these dangers, but care more about the profit than the potential for harm.


The Alternative


Thankfully there is a natural alternative, and it is Xtend Life. This company cares about your skin health, your risk of cancer and the use of all natural ingredients. Their theory is that you must improve the outside from the inside. This company cares as much about your safety as it does about its product efficacy, which is why it uses only all natural ingredients–a combination of astaxanthin and lycopene along with Omega3/DHA Fish Oil.


How It Works


The Omega3 fish oil releases lipids into your body. These lipids reverse the signs of aging, tighten and smooth your skin, reverse the damage the UV rays have done to your skin and prevents any skin cancer overexposure to the sun may have caused.


Lycopene is an anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals in your body. These free radicals are the cause of cancer. Taking lycopene can prevent both prostate and cervical cancer, along with rare types of cancer cells and breast cancer.


Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful nutrients in the world and is proven to be a great supplement for youthful skin. It can reach every cell in your body, both inside and out, and can reverse the signs of aging due to UV damage from the inside out. In recent studies, astaxanthin has shown fairly effective in the treatment of breast cancer, reducing the size of the tumor by 38 percent of a period of nine days.


The Combination


As you can clearly see, all three ingredients serve the same purpose for your damaged skin. In addition, the combination of lycopene and astaxanthin, over time, reduce your sensitivity to the sun, decreasing your tendency to burn. This decreases your need for sunscreens, thus reducing the dangers these products can cause.


Here is the bottom line: if you want to rejuvenate your skin and get back to your 20s, the most logical solution is Xtend Life Omega 3 Fish Oil. It is all natural and has only the best ingredients to help you as you travel back in time. Your skin speaks volumes about you…shouldn’t you give it tender loving care?

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