How You Can Change Your Life One Day At A Time

Today I want to talk about how you are feeling about your life. Are you unhappy with you life? Are you so disenchanted with your relationships, career or are you just plain dissatisfied with the lack of meaning in your life.

As we get older we try to take on more serious perspective on life and the things we wish to accomplish before retirement. However for many of us things just doesnt work that way. Most of us don’t plan to fail, we simply fail to plan which can be quite devastating when you get close to retirement and realize you are just not ready.

I hope you are ready to take the first step on your journey to a new beginning starting today.

I have an audio tape I want you to listen to by Laura Longley as she speaks with Stuart Young the author of “How to Change Your Life One Day at a Time.” He talks about how ten years ago he had a transforming moment that has significantly changed his life and how his book will help you do the same.

Listen to the show:









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