Hydrating Mask


Are you interested in making your skin clean and clear?

There is a deep active hydrating mask you can use to make your skin look like it did when you were first born.


If you have perfect skin already, with Xtend-Life deep active hydrating mask it will stay that way for a long time.  Most people will not have that advantage, but it does not matter either way.  Regardless of how your skin looks with this deep active hydrating mask, your skin will look beautiful.


Granted, this special hydrating mask may not be what you are used to.  To put it another way, you will not have to wear a green mask for 30 minutes or longer.  Instead, it will take on your natural skin color. Afterward, about 20 minutes later, the mask will disappear.  What it will do is soak into your skin.  With other masks, you have to wash them off when they are finished hydrating.


Of course, if there is any excess left over, you just simply wipe it off.  You can then go to sleep knowing that your skin is in good hands.

As for how long you need to do this, this mask only needs to be put on every other week.   We recommend putting the mask on during your “intervening” week.


In terms of what is in the mixture, there are plant oils, antioxidants and healthy fats.


These nutrients work together to give your skin just what it needs for regeneration.  Xtend-Life product contains even more ingredients than what you would find in normal day creams.


All of these ingredients work together in harmony.  They give your skin exactly what it needs.  Some of the other ingredients our mask contains include the following:


•  Xtend

•  CoEnzymeQ10

•  Vitamin E

•  And More!


Our mask also contains Rigin, a substance which has many properties for helping to hydrate a person’s skin.  Clinical studies have shown it can make the skin on your face much healthier.


Indeed, Xtend-TX is definitely the solution for anyone wanting to reverse the human aging process.  In addition to what has been discussed above, the deep active hydrating mask contains keratin.  This is a protein that naturally occurs in the skin of a human being.   So, when it is applied through this mask, it will rejuvenate your skin cells.  Some have even thought of Xtend-TK as a type of “liquid skin.”   It rejuvenates so much it gives you another layer of skin.  Your cells become revitalized and grow in a way that they never could before.  Plus, since the cream is also a moisturizer, you can also use it to give your skin more fluid.


The Vitamin E that is in this special hydrating mask will also help your skin.  Being that Vitamin E is a type of antioxidant, it has the power to reverse aging on your skin.  It can also reduce wrinkles and other problems that occur on the skin as you are getting old.


The other substance in our cream, Rigin, has also been shown to reverse the aging process.  It will do this to every area you apply, from your face to your neck.  The reason why is because Rigin is a peptide, which is created from G, a type of immunoglobulin.  This substance makes the skin softer because it controls how the cytokines are removed.


Our cream also contains avocado oil.  This is a substance that is very compatible with your own skin.  Like other natural substances, it contains many antioxidants.  It even contains chlorophyll, a substance which can be hard to acquire on the normal Western diet.


In any case, if you are able to acquire our cleansing mask, you will be extremely happy with the results.  In addition to feeling good on the skin, it is easy to apply and it offers results very fast.  If you put on Xtend-Life deep active hydrating mask every other week, your skin will look better than ever.


Another plus with this great product it works great on any skin type and in any climatic condition.

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