Is It Possible To Firm Sagging Skin As You Age? 1



firm sagging skinHave you been trying to firm sagging skin? then one of the key things you should do is look at your lifestyle in general. Quite often we believe that just adding some skin cream will help but there are a whole host of ways in which you can be damaging your skin and its structure on a daily basis without even realizing it.


Sun Damage Skin
Getting a tan can often make us feel that we are looking great, however it has been shown in a whole range of tests that UV light will damage the structure of your skin over time. This then means it becomes weaker and no longer has its same elasticity.  So while you may like the color of your skin it is still advisable to cover your skin and protect it from too much sun in order to prevent the problem from getting worse.  Using a high SPF natural sun screen is one of the best ways to protect it from the sun.  Wear protective clothing, sun shades and wide rim hat and avoid the sun during peak hours of the day.


Exercise Helps firm Sagging Skin


firm sagging skinAnother thing you should look at doing is getting some exercise as this will benefit your skin in a number of ways. You need to remember that your skin absorbs various toxins throughout the day so doing exercise means it flushes them out which allows your skin to breath. It also helps blood flow around your body and the better the blood flow the healthier your skin will be. When doing exercise ensure you remain hydrated by drinking lots of water.   When you are dehydrated your body takes moisture away from various parts to protect vital organs and your skin then suffers.


Firm Sagging Skin By Quitting Those Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Toxins are an important part in all of this and whilst your skin stops those that are air-born you also need to look at the toxins you take into your body yourself. This therefore means you should look at stop smoking, drink less alcohol, and also look closely at your diet. Your skin is alive and requires nutrients and vitamins to replenish it so by eating the correct things it will get those vitamins that are vital to it, such as vitamin A for example which helps to unplug pores, increases the production of collagen, and also improves the overall skin texture.


With regards to smoking, it has been shown that it plays a major role in encouraging wrinkles with smokers five times more likely to get them. This happens because it damages collagen and also damages the fibers that make up the elastic nature of your skin leading to the sagging problems and you may even develop this problem younger than you naturally would as well.  Smoking cause premature wrinkles, dry and sagging skin.


Use A Top Quality Effective Firming Lotion


firm sagging skinApart from making these changes to your lifestyle you should still look at using a firming lotion that contains Xtend TK which is actually a substance that will actually boost your body to produce its own natural collagen. Collagen cannot be applied topically due to the large structure of its molecules.  It is not easily absorbed by the skin making it useless. By ensuring that the levels of this particular protein are kept high then you will be able to firm sagging skin and keep looking young and rejuvenated.


Collagen is essential for firm skin and as you age your body produces less of this vital protein.  Being able to reproduce your own collagen is the best way to help looking healthy and vibrant.


You can find the best firming lotion at the Xtend Life website.  This is a lotion that I use and highly recommend to anyone wanting to see an improvement in the way they look, especially if you are over 50.


So those are some things you should look at doing in order to firm sagging skin however it is worth just saying that it will boost your general health as well. It is not too late to start making those changes and you will be surprised at how things improve but the best results are going to be achieved by doing each part including using that firming lotion on a regular basis.


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It’s time to stop asking, does firming lotions work?  Find out for yourself today!

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