It is Important To Restore Balance To Your Digestive System


Have you ever had that not so digested feeling? Do you ever feel as if the food you just ate isn’t converting into energy the way it is meant to do? Perhaps there is a flaw in your digestive system. Maybe, just maybe, you have a poor digestive system. Not only does this leave you feeling blah, but it can lead to major health repercussions down the road. You can maintain a healthy digestive system–very easily in fact. It is simply a matter of knowing how.

The Significance of Your Digestive System

The food you eat converts into the energy you need to get through the day. Digestion is the process that makes this possible. It breaks down everything you eat and drink, breaking it into smaller parts your body can transport to your cells for nourishment. If you have poor digestive health you can experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms which can lead to more serious health issues in the future.

Symptoms of Poor Digestive Health

Some of the most common symptoms of poor digestive health include flatulence, constipation, parasites, bloating, diarrhea, cracked fingernails, hives, gallbladder disease, acne and B12 deficiency. Some of the more serious complications include but are not limited to arthritis and iron deficiency. The most serious of all, though, is a vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. When your vitamin E level is depleted due to a poor digestive system, you are at high risk for developing one of these conditions.


Changing Your Diet

This is perhaps one of the greatest myths when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a healthy digestive system. People tend to believe, and you may be among them, that consuming more vegetables, lean meats and whole grains is the answer. Although eating healthier certainly does not hurt anyone, it may also not be the answer when trying to maintain a healthy digestive system and ward of the symptoms of poor digestion. The cause may actually be a digestive imbalance, one that requires more than fruits and veggies to restore the balance your body is craving.

Kiwi Fruits

Kiwi offers amazing benefits for maintaining a healthy digestive system. It is amazing what one simple fruit can do for you; how it can change your life.

First, you need to understand that while your body requires protein, if left undigested, it becomes a toxin. As this toxin builds in your colon, you may experience body odor, bloating, gas and weight gain, among other things. Kiwi helps digest protein, alleviating these symptoms.

Kiwi is also considered a natural laxative, helping promote spontaneous bowel movements. When consumed regularly, you may notice your stools are softer and less bulky as well. This definitely makes for happier trips to the potty room.

Another pro of kiwi is its ability to maintain a healthy level of good bacteria in your belly. One major cause of a poor digestive system is unbalance between good and bad bacteria. This imbalance causes the toxins to build and flow through your body.

Probiotics Versus Prebiotics

Many people have heard of probiotics. They are thought of as the good bacteria your digestive system needs to maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. You have undoubtedly heard all the yogurt commercials…”Eat…to maintain good digestive health.” Unfortunately there are no scientific studies to support these claims. There are, however, studies to back the claims of the benefits of prebiotics. The difference between the two is this: prebiotics are naturally occurring while probiotics are not. Prebiotics strengthen your immune system and help your body absorb essential vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, while probiotics do not. Prebiotics are found in kiwi, the very fruit that helps improve and maintain a healthy digestive system. Probiotics are not.

Your digestive health is extremely important to your overall health and well being. It is something for you to take seriously when the first sign of poor digestive health strikes. It is so very easy to reach the point of healthy status and to maintain this status once you reach it. It is a matter of caring about your digestive system as much as you care about the oil change in your car every three months–if you do not perform maintenance on yourself, you aren’t going to run right. Spend that extra time and money on you…you are worth it.

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