Make Up Tips for Women over 50


As women get older a few things start to change. There is no change in women more evident than the physical changes that that show on their faces. As women age youthful skin gives way to wrinkles, eyebrows begin thinning out and their lips seem to be disappearing. This can all sound scary but it is not.

Age is not a surprise, people have always been aging. It’s actually a wonderful experience that can lead to greater fulfillment in life. Age adds character and strength to our face. Looking good over fifty should not just be the exception, it should be the rule.

You can be over fifty years in age and still be fabulous. In fact most women over fifty do look stunning. So if you are a woman over fifty then you have come to the right place. We have some amazing make up tips for women over 50 that will blow your mind. So saddle up and take this journey of discovery with us.

Make Up Tips for Women over 50

1) Your choice of lipstick matters

– Dark colored lipsticks are only recommended for those of us who have plump lips and dark skin. You can actually opt for chocolate, deep plum or red lipsticks if you are a woman of color or even move towards purple or brown lipstick.

On special occasions you can try out walnut or caramel lipstick during the day while awing your intended audience with wine or plum lipstick during the evening.

– For medium skin toned women the safest best is pink. Pink is a moderate color that will accentuate your beauty without calling attention to the wrinkles on your lips. You can also opt for rosy red lipstick.

– Finally, for light skin women the best bet is usually apricot shade, light corals or light pink. However, light skinned women should always steer clear of dark colored lipsticks which have an effect of calling attention to their age instead of calling attention to their beauty.

2) How to deal with thinning lips

Well, what you ought to do with thinning lips is to make them look plump once again by using lip gloss. This is an easy task. All you need to do is to use a lip liner that has a darker shade than the natural color of your lips and then use it to fill in your lips and finally, touch it up with some lip gloss. This will make you lips look fuller and thus plumper.

3) Eye make up tips for women over 50


It is at first important to know that there are a couple of mistakes women over fifty often make when it comes to eye make-up that often draws attention to their age. These mistakes result from either the wrong choice of eye-liner or the wrong way of applying eye-liner.

These mistakes include;
– Having cracked liquid, thick black or eye-liners that are not well blended in
– Eye shadow that is overly matte, glittery or too bright
– Having mascara that is clumpy
– Having a single ledge of lashes that are false

As opposed to trying to be more trendy and fitting in with the youthful generation it is more advisable to tone down your eye make-up as you get older. You can opt for soft and pretty shades instead of dark attention seeking shades of eye-liner.

Here are some eye-liner make-up tips for women over 50
– You should try to make the surface of the skin smooth once it has been applied. This creates an even skin tone by hiding the blood vessels that are often found in this region of the face as one continues aging.

– You should also try using a couple of color blocks that go against the color of your iris. For instance, if you have green eyes then go with khaki colors if you have blue eyes then go with taupe or sand colors and if you have brown eyes then go with charcoal colors

– You should always choose a shade that is darker than the base tone. Take a shadow brush, dip its edge into the powder and then move it along your crease, from corner to corner. Then carefully smudge and blend the corners with a bush or sponge.

– When using eye-liners it is important to keep the lines as thin as you possibly can. Use a pencil, begin at the outermost corner of your eye and then start drawing inwards. After you have finished drawing the line you should smudge it up a little so that it looks a bit softer.

4) How to properly lay on your foundation

– Many women apply layers and layer of foundation on their face indiscriminately. Few of them actually realize that this does more harm than good to their natural beauty. Thick layers have the effect of creating a mask like face. It simply does not look real. There is nothing as hurtful to a woman especially one who is older than to be called a fake or even worse plastic in reference to their beauty.

A heavy foundation sets into the skin, its flows along each and every crevice and line on the skin. This has the effect of actually unmasking your lines and crevices as opposed to hiding them. This exposes your real age and in some cases actually makes you look older than you really are.

It is absolutely imperative for the sake of your beautiful face to be a bit more conservative and cautious when applying foundation make up to you skin. Do not add years to your appearance unnecessarily.

– Another piece of crucial advice when using foundation make up is to ensure that the foundation you are using actually matching your skin’s complexion. For instance do not apply a bronze like foundation to a pale skin tone.

– The last piece of crucial advice on foundation make up is to never stop at the chin level. It makes you look unattractive. Use a cosmetic sponge to try and blend the foundation all the way down your neck d├ęcolletage and neck.

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