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Most of the times when we talk about skin care we are thinking about women, most of us think that it’s the thing only women should care about. In truth, men’s sweat glands and sebaceous glands are larger than those of women. The differences between women and men skin are: the level of acidity of skin is higher than women, the sebum and sweat tend to be more than those of women. In addition, many men do hard physical work under tough conditions. Therefore it is more essential for men to maintain their skin in a scientific and sensible way. Are you interested in discovering the right tips and advice to carry out a healthy skincare routine for guys? Then, here are the 5 essential men skin care tips to maintain healthy and good looking skin.


Men Skin Care Tips

#1 Keep It Clean:

Men have approximately 15% oilier skin and significantly larger skin pores than women do. Generally, this means your skin tends to hold on to dirt much more. It is crucial; regardless of skin type to completely cleanse your face each day. Deep skin cleansing is vital. It helps to keep pores clear, skin healthy therefore you looking good. For the majority of men, skin is likely to get oily the whole day in a few areas, even during winter. Excessive oil can stick to the skin and obstruct the pores, preventing your razor blade from gliding down the skin with ease. So prior to shaving, wash your face with water and a natural cleanser to ensure there isn’t any blockage. Exfoliating your skin is also an important means to use a gentle exfoliator to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. Doing this will allow you to make way for new vibrant skin to replace the dead skin.

#2 Anti-wrinkle Creams:

Men! You too should be using good quality anti-wrinkle lotions or creams like the ones manufactured by Xtend-Life in order to avoid the appearance of wrinkles on your face. When your skin becomes dry, dark spots and wrinkles will begin to appear on your face. Using natural, effective anti aging creams and emollients can hold off the appearance of these unwanted tell tale signs of aging as well as reduce wrinkles and facial lines. Men should use an Anti-wrinkle Creams, twice a day to get the best results.

#3 Shave Cautiously:

Shave carefully – shaving your face normally dries out or even harms your sensitive skin. Always shave with care to prevent damage to the skin. Purchase the correct products to ensure you have a smooth shave free of bruises and cuts. Use shaving gels and aftershave that will moisturize and protect your skin. Shaving razors could be single- or multi-blade. If you want to spend very little time on shaving, a razor with 3 or 5 blades will be the right choice. The main thing to consider is that you should be more comfortable with your razor and not apply excessive pressure, since this might cause irritation. You should also protect your face from inflammation and irritation that can accompany shaving. Using Xtend Life Age Defense Active Facial Lotion that contains a significant ingredient known as Witch Hazel is the best way to protect your skin from any damage caused from shaving.

#4 Protect Your Skin:

Keep in mind that your skin is a mirror of your over-all physique.  Here are the key techniques to keep your skin healthy:

• Avoid sun damage:

Sun damage results in hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) which often can develop into serious skin skin conditions. Increased exposure to direct sunlight can also magnify wrinkles and lines.  Use a natural high SPF sunscreen of over 30 and you will help keep your skin smooth and younger looking.

• Eat right

Continue to keep vitamin supplements such as C and E in your diet plan. Eight glasses of water daily may help to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Taking a top quality fish oil supplement is also a sure way to maintaining healthy skin and body.

• Avoid Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
You should stay away from the use of cigarettes, liquor or drugs whatever it takes. In order to make your skin glossy and clean, avoid smoking. Give up this habit. Because many hazardous chemicals in cigarettes like nicotine, deadly carbon monoxide and black can harm your health, making your skin darkish and dull.

#5 Everyone Needs to Moisturize

Perhaps Men Moisturizing is a total necessity. Once again, the product with the minimum amount of chemical additives is the best. Always employ a light moisturizer on your face after washing and shaving. Using skin lotions help to keep your skin moisturized, smooth, flexible, and young looking. It is important to utilize a moisturizer in the day time and also at night, before going to sleep.

Most men participate in many open-air activities and secrete a lot of oil which cause their skin to become dry and lead to rough skin and even more possibilities of having black head and facial lines. It is very important to properly cleanse your face daily using a natural cleanser and remove all the dirt and grime that gets stuck on your face during the day.

If you truly want to maintain skin that is youthful and good looking then you should make sure you are using only natural men skin care products that have been proven effective and will not disappoint you.  I recommend you check out the Xtend-Life men skin care products ,made specifically with men’s skin in mind.




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