Men’s Skin Care

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Xtend-Life Foaming Facial Cleanser
Nothing makes your skin come alive and look handsome and youthful than by using a Natural Foaming cleanser that contains ingredients good enough to eat. The Xtend Life foaming Facial Cleanser has all the ingredients necessary to help remove the signs of aging by deeply penetrating your skin to repair and rejuvenate from within. Using the specially formulated skin care product your skin will be softened, balanced, nourished and moisturized all with natural ingredients doing the job. Read More

Active Mens Hydrating Mask
Every man wants to have skin that looks appealing. If there is a man that wants to give his skin a bonus, then the Xtend Life unique Men’s Active Hydrating Mask is designed to complement their line of men anti aging products which can offer your facial skin a hydrating boost. If a man’s skin is already in good shape, this product will help to keep it that way. Most men do not have great skin, so this will be a nice step in the right direction to make it better. Read More

Xtend Life Deep Active Cleansing Mask
The Xtend Life Mens Deep Active Cleansing Mask was designed to be used twice a month and it works on any type of skin. On the alternate weeks, you should use the Hydrating Mask. The mask should be left in place for approximately thirty minutes, after which you should rinse it away with warm water. The mask will leave your skin glowing with good health.
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Xtend- Life Men Age Defense Active Facial Fluid
This exclusive face moisturizer is designed specifically for men. You need look no further if you are a man who shaves, are plague with age spots, have lines and wrinkles on your face and neck and would like to eliminate all these obvious signs of aging and have a more youthful appearance. Read More

Eye Contour Serum
This all natural eye contour serum is an effective way of reducing the signs of aging around the eyes. It helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes due to lack of sleep and stress. It also gets rid of eye wrinkles, especially the dreaded “crow’s feet”.Read More

Xtend Life Men’s Age Defense Body Lotion
It is far superior to other lotions on the market. It cost more to produce than the retail price of some lotions, so that it may at first seem as if it is not competitive. The many fine ingredients in this active body lotion make it impossible to lower the price to the lotions created by other companies. The only way to do it would be to lower the percentage of active ingredients and replace them with mineral oil. Read More

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