Xtend-Life Foaming Facial Cleanser

fACIAL CLEANSERNothing makes your skin come alive and look handsome and youthful than by using a Natural Foaming Cleanser that contains ingredients good enough to eat.   The Xtend Life foaming Facial Cleanser has all the ingredients necessary to help remove the signs of aging by deeply penetrating your skin to repair and rejuvenate from within.   Using the specially formulated skin care product your skin will be softened, balanced, nourished and moisturized all with natural ingredients doing the job.

A lot of men are tired of that flaky looking, dull, irritated and dry skin with which they are left by so many men’s care face products. Some have also tried those that promise to moisturize well but wind up leaving unattractive and greasy residues behind.  Xtend-Life’s Foaming Facial Cleanser helps men keep their skin smooth, reduce breakouts, restores proper pH balance and nourishes it as well plus a lot more. This is the time to call upon that natural men’s face wash that will make certain you are always looking your very best.

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The Xtend Life’s Foaming Facial Cleanser promises and delivers the best of science and nature that was the goal of the over two years of development put into it. There are some truly impressive differences offered by this product as opposed to the usual face care products for men that are designed to strictly remove dirt and clean. This men’s facial cleaner which is highly concentrated has been developed with key ingredients that are totally unique ones.

No Harsh Chemicals at all are used – Each and every ingredient in this product was carefully selected to be included. The natural facial foaming cleanser is designed to totally restore the skin’s natural balance while nourishing, moisturizing and refreshing it. Conditions such as eczema will not at all be aggravated by it which is not the same case with other facial cleansers.

Feels Just Terrific – Toxins and dirt are gently lifted away by the rich foaming action and after rinsing there is absolutely no greasy feel or residue left behind. The skin is totally soft.

Virtually Scent Free – No one wants those fragrances that are so heavy that they clash directly with one’s cologne or after shave lotions. The scent with this great product that is certainly not overly noticeable is derived from the many natural ingredients contained in it.

Ideal For Every Type Of Skin
– The natural ingredients and pH balancing properties contained in this great product are perfect for any man’s skin be it sensitive, oily, dry or natural.

This great product contains the following all natural, safe and effective ingredients:

Known as a natural moisturizer Manuka Honey also contains antioxidant properties as well. The skin is nourished and fed by the natural proteins, minerals and vitamins it contains. It is also a great antibacterial agent also. This can help get rid of those infectious bacteria responsible for causing acne to appear on the skin’s surface. Hydrogen peroxide that kills the bacteria is produced by Manuka Honey.

Inspired by the plant kingdom and obtained from apple juice’s essential amino acids is the anionic, natural surfactant Proteol APL. The skin is enveloped with a fruity apple caress by this foaming surfactant which is so gentle.

Because of their cationic charge Abil Quat 3272 is highly substantive to hair and skin proteins. The total feel of the skin is so greatly improved. AQ is a silicone which is water soluble.

A foam stabilizer and foaming agent derived from coconut oil’s fatty acids is Cocamide DEA. It is also both oil and water soluble.

A hydrophilic oil is what Cetiol HE is and it is suited as a solubility promoter for active agents and essential oils as well as a lipid layer enhancer.

Honey Lips is a blend of essential natural oils that support the Manuka Honey’s fragrance.

It also contains Oxi-fend Kiwi Fruit Extract which is a very potent antioxidant.  It protects the skin against free radical activities and helps the skin retain moisture preventing premature skin aging.

For those that shave frequently the suggestion is to wash with the Foaming Facial Cleanser after shaving and then apply an over all moistener by using the Xtend Life Men’s Facial Fluid.

Keep your face looking smooth and younger by giving it all these natural ingredients that will nourish your skin and remove unwanted signs of aging.

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