Short Hair Styles for Women Over 50


As you age less is more. This applies to most of the things we do for beauty. We need less make-up and shorter hair styles to maintain natural beauty. The above are a few hair styles for women 50 and over.


Taking Care of Your Hair as You Age


The production of hydrogen peroxide naturally by the body turns your hair gray over time.  Your body also produces an enxyme called catalase which breaksdown peroxide.  If enough catalase is not produced, perioxide becomes super active and your hair becomes gray.  Gray hair needs to be taken care of properly in order to look good.  It cannot be prevented and you probably are tired of dying.  But there is actually nothing that can reverse gray hair.  Using the best hair color and taking care of your gray in a natural way is the best way to maintain it and keep it looking great.


Whether you have short, medium or long hair it is beneficial to have the correct style to fit your face and to care for your hair so it looks healthy all the time.


Some women do prefer mid length or long hair regardless of their age.  In my next post I will put together a few hair styles for women over 50 in these categories.




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