The Awesome Benefits of Probiotics!!



The good and the bad. The pros and the cons. Balance. This is what it all comes down to. Probiotics have numerous benefits, but what it all comes down to is that one little word–balance. Extreme in any area of your life, albeit physical or emotional, can be disastrous. The primary purpose of Probiotics is to help achieve and maintain balance in your physical world so you stay as healthy as possible.



Understanding Probiotics



Although you might have heard the word “Probiotics” a hundred times, you may not truly understand what they are or why they exist. Now hold on tight…they are live microorganisms, most of which are bacteria. And now you are probably wondering how bacteria is good for you, right? Well now you need to understand one more thing, and this is where the whole part about the balance comes in. You have bacteria living inside of you right now. Do not say, “Ewwww.” Some bacteria are good, but too much can lead to infection. Ladies, think about those bothersome yeast infections. These result when Candida Albican takes over the good bacteria in your genitals. If you had had a proper balance of bacteria, you would not have that infection right now. So in short, Probiotics are good bacteria you ingest either in the food you eat or medication you take that helps maintain a healthy bacterial balance in your body.



It All Begins In the Gut



Okay, so maybe the word gut is inappropriate. How about your digestive tract? This is where more than 400 species of bacteria reside. This is where digestion takes place, it is where some medications are metabolized and it is where it is a healthy immune system is supported. Believe it or not, illness actually begins in your digestive tract. An imbalance of bacteria can lead to numerous health problems, from simple diarrhea to muscle pain. Probiotics help restore balance here, evening out the odds between the good and bad bacteria.



The Benefits of Probiotics



Now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty. One of the benefits Probiotics offers is healthy immune system. Since they are friendly bacteria, they help maintain the healthy balance in your digestive tract, thus providing you with the healthy, germ-free immune system you need to stay healthy. An unhealthy immune system can lead to very serious disorders such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.



Probiotics also filter out toxins and waste from your digestive tract that makes proper digestion difficult to say the least. If you cannot properly digest your food, you may feel sluggish, bloated, experience heartburn or begin gaining weight. As they filter, they also help absorb the nutrients your body needs, enabling these nutrients to be delivered to the cells of your body. This, in turn, helps avert the above problems.



What to Look For



The most common foods containing Probiotics are dairy foods, as these contain live cultures. Yogurt is the most popular of all Probiotics foods for people to eat, although there are cheeses available as well. Before purchasing make sure the full name of the Probiotics is listed on the product (i.e. bifid bacterium lactic). If you are unsure about the different strains, or strains that are safe, speak to your doctor.



It may seem a difficult task to keep yourself healthy in a world full of toxins, fast food and environmental waste. It can be done, though; it is simply a matter of understanding your body and knowing what it needs and when it needs it.


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