UnderstandingThe Benefits Of An Anti-Aging Pillow

dreamskin pollowThe term “beauty sleep” is commonly used, but while we may not always realize its importance, getting enough sleep every night can have a huge effect on your skin’s health. Skin cells, especially in your face regenerate at night, which is why not getting enough sleep can result in dry, dull skin. However, another aspect of sleep which is equally important is what you’re sleeping on. Having an anti aging pillow case is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t damage your skin while sleeping.

Dermatologists recommend that people sleep on their backs to avoid wrinkles and fine lines forming during the night. When you sleep on your side, the pressure and material in the pillowcase causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Also, your skin cannot breathe freely when pressed up against a cotton pillowcase. However, you may not be able to sleep comfortably on your back or even find yourself switching positions during the night. When this happens, the best option is to use an anti aging pillow case. The DreamSkinTM is a specially designed product that can help you to avoid damaging your skin no matter how you sleep at night.

This pillowcase was designed by a skin physiologist and is made from rejuvenating fabric to help your skin heal and regenerate during the night. It’s specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as increases your body’s production of collagen, the connective tissue that helps your skin stay firm. This is not just a typical silk pillowcase, the JuveTex fabric design is a blend of both synthetic microfibers and natural cellulosic fibers. They work together to bring moisture from the skin’s surface through a special layer in the fabric and make sure that it evaporates away from the head. You’ll end up with a smooth dry surface to rest your head on at night while still maintaining the right amount of water in your skin.

The fibers used to make this pillow are both natural and permanent so even after many washes, they’ll still be working. You’ll notice the softness and cushioning feeling of the fabric that is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Your facial skin is complex and when you use a cotton pillowcase, you won’t be happy with the results. However, with this unique JuveTex fabric case, you can even put on night creams and not have to worry about any products being absorbed into the case. Cotton pillowcases are harsh on the facial skin and stretch it out while also sucking moisture from your face, leaving it dry.

Night time is the most important time to rejuvenate your skin and if you’re settling for a cotton pillowcase, you may be doing damage to your skin even while you sleep. DreamSkinTM is a convenient and effective choice that you can use at home to ensure that your skin stays young and is free to rebuild during the night time. Ditch your cotton pillow case and instead use this anti aging pillow case for the best results. ¬†Also before hitting the sack remember to use a natural night cream to keep your skin’s repair process working all night to give you a glowing, younger and fresh appearance the next day

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