Women’s Restorative Night Cream


If you could revitalize your skin by softening and moisturizing it while you sleep, would you be interested?


When your skin has lost the look of youth, using Xtend-Life Restorative Night Formula can help by using the newest technology that aids in rejuvenating cells. The use of natural oils and other special ingredients help to deliver deep skin penetrating nourishment while you sleep.


Because the formula for a day cream must be kept lighter, this night cream is used as a complementary skin treatment to the Age Defense Active Day Cream.


The following ingredients are used in the Xtend Life Women’s Restorative Night Cream:


* New Zealand Manuka Honey

* Avocado Oil

* Shea Butter

* Special night time ingredients


There are 3 main causes of aging that the night cream formula targets while you sleep.


The application of the Xtend-Life night cream before bedtime and their day time cream during the daytime will help you to continuously fight the aging process.


Xtend-TK –  is often seen as being an ingredient in the recipe of miracles as it actually works to reverse the skin aging process. It uses bio-active keratin which is a replica of the skin’s basic protein, so close in fact that it actually aids in the growing of new cells. It is so close to what is naturally found in the skin that Xtend-TK has been likened to being a “liquid skin” when it is applied. It also deeply penetrates the skin and acts as the perfect moisturizer as it retains the moisture in the skin.


Another important component is the use of Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, which is a form of CoenzymeQ10. Studies have shown that its use can create results of eliminating wrinkles like few other products can. It deeply penetrates the skin and increases the skins ability to produce an increased amount of both collagen and elastin.


During studies scientists have found that natural vitamin E acts as a strong antioxidant that works to reverse the signs of aging. With its use the fine lines and wrinkles that appear have been greatly reduced and the appearance of age spots has been prevented.


Active Manuka Honey has been known to create skin that is both younger and softer in appearance. It is an antioxidant that helps to stimulate the immune system.


The Xtend Life Women’s Restorative Night Cream will help you look refreshed and  well-rested each and every morning. This will certainly make you look years younger than women in your age group.  Its natural ingredients works in harmony with your skin’s natural proteins so you know your skin is taken care of even while you sleep.

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